About Us

The purpose of this Ministry is to help spread the Word of God with Power and Love to the ends of the Earth; bringing Deliverance, Healing,Hope and Victory to ALL!
We equally reach out to those in need especially during these periloustimes of crisis all over the world. Founded by Chantal Ekabe
Chantal Ekabe is a Prophetess, Minister of the Gospel, a Speaker, and an Evangelist. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Terence Ekabe and two adorable kids: Favor Ekabe and Blessing Ekabe.

Through YouTube, Chantal Ekabe Ministry has been spreading the Gospel all over the world and has touched the lives of millions of people and counting.

Chantal Ekabe was raised and brought up in Cameroon – West Africa. She later migrated to the United states with her 2 kids to join her husband. She is a holder of an Accounting Degree and is presently pursuing a Degree in Ministry and Divinity. She’s also a writer and a counselor.

She’s a woman of Passion and Charisma for the things of God. She is currently working on building up a Community of Christian men and women who will Rise Up! and take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. She is purpose driven and works hard to fulfill every Mission God has given her. Through her Ministry, many lives have been Blessed and Transformed.

Chantal Ekabe Ministries is all about the Kingdom of God.

Chantal Ekabe


Minister Of The Gospel