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Hello chantal! My name is Sami I’ve been fasting and joining your prophetic prayers. I just wanted to testify of what the Lord has done so far in this new year for me. One of the things I asked the Lord this year is that He would move miraculously in the area of my finances and allow me and my husband to become debt free. I prophesied that this year would be the year we would be debt free. We just received good news yesterday that our rent has been covered for us for the next 2 months.. TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!! I know that could only be the hand of God. This will allow us to begin aggressively going after our credit card debt and other debt we accumulated last year. All glory to God!

To God Be ALL The Glory we had been praying for a new car and God through you said someone will be testifying on Friday about a new car so here I am My God has blessed us with a new car today Glory Hallelujah thank you Holy Spirit & thank you Prophetess for laboring for us God will bless you mightly...

Good morning,woman of God this is my testimony. Yesterday you are praying for release financial breakthrough has we are praying three people give me money in my hand is like wow to me. Thank You Lord Jesus, thank you WOG.

Jesus has restored me again, removed my depression, healing me and my family. He has opened limitless doors to make me able to do his will in Jesus mighty name. I AM BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF!

I wanted to testify and confirm the word you gave for 1/25. The Lord came through for my kids and I right on time. He provided a new place for us that feels like home on my final day I was schedule to move out of my old apt. I didn’t have no place to go. Ohhh but God!! God word is TRUE and he is ALWAYS on time. Thank you and continue to let God use you sis. Be bless!

TESTIMONY OF Sponsorship.
Good morning Woman of God In yesterdays prayer session on YouTube, you prophesied that you see people getting sponsorship and by the grace of God I am one of them. I received a sponsorship letter from my workplace for funding my studies. I would love to thank God for his mercy towards my life and thank you for allowing God to use you as his mouthpiece. God continue blessing you. Regards Karabo Ramatlhako from South Africa Good morning Woman of God In yesterdays prayer session on YouTube, you prophesied that you see people getting sponsorship and by the grace of God I am one of them. I received a sponsorship letter from my workplace for funding my studies. I would love to thank God for his mercy towards my life and thank you for allowing God to use you as his mouthpiece. God continue blessing you. Regards Karabo Ramatlhako from South Africa.

Good afternoon. I was watching your 25 January live session at 16:20 and when you spoke about stagnancy I started shaking and felt something leave me. I am based in South Africa and was especially touched by today's session because stagnancy has been a big stumbling block in my life. One night when I was sleeping I felt something sit on my bed and tie my feet together with a rope. I believe that was the start of my issues with stagnancy. I believe God was speaking to me today also because when I left work today I had the urge to read the story of Daniel as I was waiting for the bus and you spoke abt everything the spirit ministered.Glory to God, may he continue to use you mightily.

You are such a blessing, my grandson court case was thrown out , you said in your prayer one morning that the court case will be thrown out praise God.

1. My husband receive salvation restoration in my marriage
2. My son free from Autism.
3. Restoration in all areas of my family life.

Went into my own business after 26 years on the job. Did not know how things will work out. You gave a message to Get ready to praise God for what is coming. And you said Tuesday I will see. Tuesday woman of God, I got 2 offers for for my contract business career path and on top of that God healed my stomach on Monday! One was surely a surprise. He has given me connections with people, bringing me to higher levels, favor, connections! Hallelujah! This surely was the week! Keep doing the work of God! Blessings to you and your ministry family.

GOD brought back a memory, from several years back: My mother told me a friend told her what my first car should be. Interestingly, my family handed me down two cars after that, but both had totaling accidents. Restoration is real, GOD never forgets. I experienced about two weeks of confirmation. December 22,2021, the Lord told me to go to a car dealer, because I was going to get a car, so I prayed, went to bed, and the next day, December 23, HE woke me up out of my sleep to get ready and go to the dealer, buy a car. I turn on your prophetic prayers as I get ready and Chantal says, someone else is getting a car. I purchased my first car that day, just as GOD said. Obedience.

Woman of god you spoke on this last year about traveling to another country, and the door was open , I got turn around at the airport because I didn’t have all my paper work , the next day you spoke and said go back @ try again ! I went to Africa ghana @ meet my spouse @ received my ring , we are planning to get married this year!!! Praise God.

Praise the Lird woman of God , this morning you spoke on visa @ green cards being released , my partner had applied for his visa @ we are waiting to hear from the embassy , so he can travel to visit me , thank you for this message , I can feel it already , he’s coming !! Thank you God for loving @ catering for us !!

Praise GOD Prophetess Chantal and God bless you. I just wanted to give testimony to how awesome and on time our mighty GOD is. I have been waiting on some finances to come through that was owed to my family for about 2 months and today it has come. I can't thank GOD enough for being That on Time GOD that He Is. Thank you Jesus AMEN

Hallelujah, praise God!! The Lord blessed me with a car the same day you said God is giving someone a car. I received that prophecy and acted on it as I needed a car to go back to work. The Lord blessed me with a car that I had desired for a few years but wasn't able to buy until now. I received it last Saturday. Other people were interested in the car but the dealership reserved it for me without needing to pay a deposit. Thank you Lord for favour. Thank you sis Chantal for being a blessing. God bless you

Good Morning sis Chantal I just want to thank the Lord for me and showing up for me.I come to testify for the goodness in my heart what the Lord has done for me.I was in heavy debts and I was trusting the Lord to clear my debts for me.Then in one of your morning Services last month you mentioned that God is going to canceled some people that are in debts.I want to give God all the Praise and Glory for what He has done for me. i AM DEBT FREE THANK YOU JESUS. !

Praise the Lord, Woman of God. You prayed a prayer about rejections and God turning it around. I had a job rejection. I sat for an interview that seemed promising but was rejected. I applied for another job and was accepted. I just interviewed last week. God is good regardless. I said boldly "What God has for me is for me" I knew that God would open doors specifically for me. I praise God for you yeilding to the Holy Spirit. I have been blessed by your prayers and after being introduced to your channel I have been proclaiming and declaring the word of the Lord over my life. God bless you!!

Good morning Sis Chantal, On Monday you talked/ pray about receiving surprises from God this week. When I got to work Monday I got an email from HR concerning my back pay from since October of 2021. They are finally going to back pay me. I was in disbelief. My manager, supervisor and myself have sent several emails and I honestly almost give up! But I am very grateful to God! Also, my husband had this interview today for a new position at work that he applied for since January! God has just been so so good to my family! March is indeed a month of open doors and surprises! May God keep blessing you woman of God!

I only had £30 in my bank account, no wood for my fire, not putting heating on to save money. Needed to lift £10 for petrol for car so went to the ATM and discovered i had £446 pounds in my account. As i dont get that much in my pension which is not due till friday,i was shocked and surprised!!! We have an amazing GOD! It was an international transaction. I still have to find out if it was from a freind in Switzerland. Bless you my sister.all the Glory goes to God. Love Christine.

I just wanted to exalt the name of God. I just started watching you about a month ago. This week you prophesied that God will surprise us.I believe in God's word even though i didn't know how it would happen. Today morning I received a text from my previous manager at a job that I left a year ago asking me to go to the office,that they found my Christmas bonus from 2years ago while cleaning a drawer. Cash!I've only left the job a year. How is that possible?God you're faithful!

You prophesied that God was going to protect someone from a car accident and and they will testify, well on last Sunday, 522/22, I almost had a total of four accidents in one day! It wsnnthe scariest thing and God stopped me and the people right before me for I’m ever hitting each other, God is my Divine protector Ad I give Him all the praise and honor and I’m grateful for my angels, amen.

Good morning Sis. Chantal. I give God praise for your faithfulness. I want to give God thanks for His mercy and grace. I’ve had a pain in my right side since December 2019. As we prayed a week and a half ago and you prophesied on healing, I tapped in and believed. God healed me supernaturally, doing what the doctors couldn’t do. The pain is completely gone, I haven’t felt it since, even after things that use to trigger it. To God be the glory. Thank you Abba Father.

Greetings woman of God, yesterday as I was praying along with you I had a really terrible headache that had been there for some days. You mentioned my case and I believed that I was healed. I woke up today completely healed. That headache is gone! Thank you so much for your prayers prophetess. May God continue to strengthen you and bless you. Grateful to God for using you so mightily.

I just needed to share how God Is working in and through my life. Long story short, I was a mess in the spiritual and the physical. Full of judgement, resentment, bitterness; but the Spirit encountered me one day and really shook me up. He told me that God was about to give me a new start, if I faltered and gave into the enemy, whatever the devil took from me this time, he would keep. That was enough to humble me and surrender ALL to God. I still have not seen the manifestation of all that I am believing God for but I don’t care. I would not trade this experience for ANYTHING in the world. I just want to encourage someone else. Wait patiently on the Lord, He Is doing a mighty work in you.

Greetings sis Chantal. I really thank God for you and I know that this ministry is just the beginning of what God will do in your life. Recently, you put out a word saying "Congratulations". Glory be to God, I am here to testify of the goodness of God. On June 6th, I returned to work after taking vacation leave on and off for the past two months. When I met with my boss, I was shocked to hear that my name was submitted to a Director while I was away and they wanted to offer me a promotion. Fast forward to that Friday, I met with the Director and his team and they offered me the position right then and there. Today, I accepted the letter of offer. Glory to God for Divine Recommendation!

Good Morning woman of God. You gave a word few months ago that God is giving someone an Accomodation. God has done it for my family.We have been leaving with family for 4years and believing to buy house but it was not happening. It became worse in this housing crisis. To God be the glory, when the word came , I believed it. Few weeks later we put an offer in a house an it was accepted. To God be the glory, we now live in our own house. The word is working. My God continue to empower you in Jesus Name... Amen!

Morning sister Chantel, this is Antonio Thomas. The Lord has been merciful to me and has revealed himself multiple times throughout my life. My family was led to your ministry last year and my blessings from God have increased ever since.Along with many attacks I had a season of unemployment,but the Lord urged me to be patient and remained faithful through your messages from him.Then in March I finally received a job offer and the Lord has moved me up ever since, within less than 4 months I then found another job, was quickly promoted and now I have my own desk in the office. Throughout this transition the Lord showed me where he was taking me.Faith family be encouraged.Peace be with you.

Good morning mam, I want to testify on what God did for me towards the end of the month of September. During one of the live sessions you said one of the causes of delay in our life was doing our own will and not taking instructions from the HolySpirit, before then the HolySpirit gave me a specific instruction but I relented in doing it not knowing that it would usher me into my rest as you said, I kept pundering on what you said, so I decided to carry out the instructions to the glory of God I carried out the instructions and I began to notice that the odour I used to experience before then was leaving as I carried out the instruction. Thank you ma and God bless you.

Hi Mrs Chantal, My name is Stephen. My Sister introduced me to your channel in Early May this year and it has been a blessing in my life. 3 months ago you declared that someone is going to break through in his online business this season which i believed and claimed it as my own and i am here to testify that i broke through in my online business this september and after 5 years of failure i am finally prospering in my online business. Thank you Mrs Chantal, God bless you and may the Good Lord continue to prevail in your life in Jesus name.

Good morning woman of God, thank you for doing the work of god, 2 weeks ago u made a video and u called out my name 3 times stephanie stephanie stephanie! The doors are open as God remember u, i ve been out of a job for 8 years, nd when i used to apply i was rejected, i kept on praying nd crying out to god! but after that word god open that door for me,i went to an interview nd got accepted right away,i m so grateful towards everything that god is doing in this season for me, and i know he will bless me with so much more! Bless you.